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Cost-effective data labeling at scale

Do you have large datasets you need to understand at a human level? hCaptcha provides fast, cost-effective, and high quality data labeling for AI & machine learning companies among many others.

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How does hCaptcha work?

Website owners are financially incentivized to replace the commonly used reCAPTCHA with hCaptcha to keep bots out. Website visitors are already performing captcha tasks like labeling objects in images or entering text in an image. With hCaptcha the website owner is now compensated for the visitor effort they were previously giving away. For machine learning companies we offer data labeling as an API service.


hCaptcha Benefits

More data generally produces better results in training machine learning models. Increasingly large data sets still require human labeling, which hCaptcha can do more efficiently and at far greater scale than microwork services such as Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower.

Job Types

Object recognition

object recognition example

Bounding boxes, masks, and more.

Ontology Mapping

ontology example

Identify field types in documents.

Character recognition

character recognition example

"Human OCR" is better at hard text.

Don't see your job type here? We work closely with our customers to meet their exact needs. Just let us know what you need to do.

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Job cost calculator

This calculator will give you a cost estimate for a job.

Size of dataset

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How to get your data labeled

Define your specs with us
Speak with one of our domain experts to define your project needs, like target accuracy, format, and any special requirements.
Initial test job
We execute a small production job based on your sample data. This tests the work we've done together to ensure you get exactly what you need.
Production jobs begin
With our high volume and low latency we will turn your work around quickly, with automated delivery as soon as it's done.
Continuous improvement
As we better understand the parameters of your production work, the results will continue to improve over time.
Real-time results
Live dashboards allow you to provide feedback or pause production at any time.
AI companies get data labeled by website owners who use hCaptcha

The value of labeled data


There is an arms race underway: with the current state of practice in deep learning, more data generally produces better results. hCaptcha levels the playing field, letting more companies compete on model quality by bringing down the cost of data quantity.

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