FROM THE BLOG: How hCaptcha Calculates Rewards

Creative Commons Attribution

How we, our academic research partners, and our customers use Creative Commons media


We, our academic research partners, and our customers may occasionally reference or reproduce portions of Creative Commons-licensed content via the hCaptcha platform in order to advance humanity's knowledge in the field of machine learning.

This content is generally transformed from its original form. For example, a video may be split into images, those images may be split into many new images, and those new images then randomly mixed to produce the final result displayed.

Use of content in this way and for these purposes falls within fair use guidelines according to our understanding of the law and standard practices in the field, but we are long-time fans of Creative Commons and prefer to give credit to anyone who helps in the monumental task of improving machine intelligence.

Due to intrinsic constraints of the hCaptcha UI and its security considerations, it is not possible to reproduce the source of each image directly adjacent to its use. Instead, we link to this page from our homepage and maintain a list of sources currently or recently served via the platform. You may access the current list here.

Additionally, if you see content that belongs to you reproduced on the hCaptcha platform and would like it removed for any reason, you may contact us via email.